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tv   WISN 12 News at 530PM  ABC  August 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm CDT

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>> wisn 12 news starts right now. sheldon: was stolen car speeds through a red light, triggering a tree reaction crash that sent three people to the hospital. what we are learning about that coming up. but first we want to turn to our top story, a after an hours-long standoff with police. adrienne: his 6-year-old son in the home the entire time. it happened near 13th and orchard on milwaukee's south side that's where 12 news's ben hutchison joins us live. ben, what started this? ben: adrienne, the altercation started around 10:00 this morning here behind me in the alley, neighbors saying it was all over a mattress. adding that one man went to get a bat and the other a gun. police say shots were fired by a
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morning here behind me in the alley, neighbors saying it was all over a mattress. into his house. when officers arrived he refused to come out. police learned there was a 6-year-old boy inside. after trying to negotiate with the suspect, officers forcefully entered the home. 12 news cameras captured video of the man being taken into custody. also, the boy being carried safely to a squad. milwaukee police say it was never a hostage situation, but sensitive knowing a child was inside. >> shots fired, somebody in the house with a child not willing to come out. long. we don't want to force the incident. ben: police say they've had little to no contact with the suspect. again, he is in custody, and will most likely face charges on milwaukee's south side, ben hutchison wisn 12 news. sheldon: investigators are looking into a serious crash that sent 3 people to the hospital. officers shut down the
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happened around 7:30 this morning in milwaukee. one car was reported stolen earlier this month and we are told that the 18-year-old driver of that car has a criminal history and is currently in custody. police say the driver of the stolen car sped through a red light, causing the chain reaction crash. here's how one witness described the wreckage. >> i come over and see what was really going on and see all these cars mangled up and it really looks pretty bad out sheldon: what caused the crash and the condition of the victims, that's still unclear. as soon as we learn more, we'll bring you those updates. adrienne: they dedicated their lives to service. tonight, friends, family, and colleagues are gathering in mississippi to remember two nuns murdered, one has ties to our area. a wake is happening right now for sister margaret held and sister paula merrill. a police officer found the two women dead in their mississippi home thursday.
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slinger, and part of the milwaukee-based school sisters of st. francis. she will be buried in wisconsin. a mass for the sisters is scheduled for tomorrow. we're also learning more about the suspect in this case. 46-year-old rodney earl sanders is behind bars tonight, charged with two counts of capitol murder, which could carry the death penalty. sanders confessed to killing the nuns. he has a pretty long rap sheet spanning three decades. in fact he just got out of prison in december. sheldon: hope and healing in the sherman park neighborhood. dozens gathered today at pleasant hill church near 45th and fond du lac, to help get kids ready for back to school. there were games, giveaways and plenty of food, and most of all, people coming together. >> the love of men and women can deal with the issues that we have in the community. it's renewing, it's refreshing to have so many people out here today. sheldon: it's been two weeks since unrest rocked the sherman park neighborhood.
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violence, looting and several buildings were burned. organizers of today's event hope gatherings like these helps the community as they continue to heal. adrienne: to commitment 2016 now. early voting in several cities is set to begin in just a few weeks. a federal appeals court denied the state department of justice's attempt to keep new limits on early voting in place. this means that in person, absentee voting will start in madison on september 26, and in milwaukeon voters still have to show a photo i.d. to cast a ballot. sheldon: raising awareness, one step at a time. that was the mission of a local army combat veteran in south milwaukee this morning. new at 5:30, wisn 12 news's thema ponton explains the tragic statistic behind his 22-mile trek. >> 22 veterans commit suicide on a daily basis, 22 to many.
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and army combat veteran daniel newberry starts his sunday by strapping on a fifty pound rucksack and marching twenty-two miles. the fifty pounds represents the burdens of war veterans carry on their shoulders. and as for the august sunshine beaming down on him >> i have done over two and a half years in baghdad and iraq, 81 to grab the -- 81 degrees is ok. thema: he's teaming up with the combat veterans motorcycle association to raise awareness of suicide and the people affected by it including his family. >> my own brother committed suicide back in december -- he's not a veteran, but that changed me and my family forever. thema: if newberry looks familiar to you, our wisn 12 news cameras were there in 2005 when the former paratrooper was home on leave to see his daughter born. that family support behind him again as he walks. also marching along with him, fellow veteran mario rodriguez, who admits to being skeptical about the idea. >> a little crazy.
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, but to walk here -- the bottom line is what we are doing it for. thema: their mission, letting every veteran know they have their back and will never leave them behind. in south milwaukee, thema ponton, wisn 12 news. sheldon: september is suicide prevention month. if you or someone you know needs help, we have a link for information on or you can call the veterans crisis number at 1-800-273-8255 adrienne: still ahead on wisn 12 news, a deadly charter bus crash in louisiana. why authorities say the driver shouldn't have been behind the wheel in the first place. then, it's something many of you are probably wishing for tonight. a longer weekend. the pilot program in the works at amazon, offering employees a shorter work week. and we are looking at issues for
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adrienne: a deadly bus crash in louisiana. and the driver shouldn't have been behind the wheel in the first place. firefighters were responding to a crash when a bus slammed into the area and hit three firemen
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two people died, one a firefighter, dozens are hurt. the bus driver did not have a drivers license and was here illegally. the people on board were workers also here illegally. sheldon: the 911 system in our nation's capitol is back up and running tonight. it's after a system failure shut it down for nearly two hours overnight. an unknown problem stopped calls from coming in after midnight. two temporary numbers were used while the system was fixed. no criminal activity is suspected. investigators are looking into the cause. adrienne: how's this for work-life balance? "the washington post" reporting amazon will experiment with a 30 hour work week. the pilot program will have a small team working the shorter week. a few dozen people work monday through thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. amazon's team will work on tech products within human resources. sheldon: now to a discovery
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researchers now confirming the existence of a potentially livable planet close to our solar system. scientists say it's about 4.2 light years away, or 24 trillion miles. they say its surface could sustain liquid water. the discovery is being called one the biggest astronomical discoveries of the century. it would be incredible to see once they get exploratory equipment out there to see it. manhole covers. adrienne: the wisconsin city giving its sewer system a high-tech transformation, and putting those covers to work, collecting data. lindsey: humidity has yet to reach its peak.
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adrienne: a high-tech twist on
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is revamping its sewer systems for -- system. it's called the smart cover system. so here's how it works. sensors hang from underneath the covers, to collect data, and a small antenna sends the information to city engineers. something city officials say will help track sewer backups and flooding issues. and also create a safer way to gather important data. >> with the smart cover, because it is in the cover, there is need to go inside the manhole. city in the state to install the smart cover system. lindsey: we start with fog, and the humidity is sticking around. i do anticipate that the humidity should be sticking with us for a little while.
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the seeing things speaking on tuesday as far as the heat and humidity. we have a weather system on the way, cold front, getting more comfortable with the humidity dropping and we will have temperatures in the mid-70's for wednesday. and then leaving in the next week and things will start off really nice. for now, the doppler 12 radar network -- no problems. with the exception of some things for the south, where there are flash flood warnings. if you have any friends or family or if you will be traveling, we are in the clear. our weather system is much further toward the west. it does have an effect on us --
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and humid. that fog didn't do is any favor, keeping the air very stale. we are well off toward the west, cold front in -- let's check in with a future cast -- there it is over there, i don't believe it will make it here by monday. i won't rule out a spotty showers a northern wisconsin thing for much of monday. by 10:30, the front is getting closer and closer, coming in from northern wisconsin but it needs energy and moisture to interact with and in order to get the showers to start. here's monday at 10:30, not a lot happening. what is that? more fog developing.
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across lake michigan and it will be cloudy to start off on tuesday, indicating some fog. 10:30 a.m., shouldn't have a problem but as we head toward 2:30 we start to get little bits of that cold front that will start showers and thunderstorms and i am not anticipating any severe weather because there is really no energy in the end, and thst wednesday morning. that eventually we will see the humidity fall. if the rest of your evening -- not looking too bad. temperatures will be falling to the 70's overnight and then you can see this funny looking cloud -- we are talking fog again for your morning commute. set your alarm just a little bit early. the fog will linger at least until 9:00 a.m.
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boost. the fog gets out of here and we will have those storms -- then we can be comfortable for the beginning of school. adrienne: isil can't believe school is starting. -- i still can't believe school is starting. [laughter] adrienne: coming up today, the brewers did something today that hasn't happened since 2004 and it's not a good thing. sheldon: plus the possibility of packers star jordy nelson playing in the final preseason game. we'll hear from the pro bowl
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stephanie: jordy nelson probably won't play in the packers final preseason game thursday in kansas city. on the first day of camp, the pro bowl receiver said that week one in jacksonville was the goal and that goal still remains. neither ahead nor behind schedule nelson has been working back from a hiccup with his left knee. not an issue with the surgically repaired right knee that kept him out last year. today nelson was asked a three-part question. e thursday, if he wanted to play thursday, and if he thought there would be any benefit to playing this week. he answered all that with a simple probably not, but that's not to say he's been happy to skip the preseason. >> i wouldn't say i'm happy. it's a situation where i thought things could have gone smooth, it's a situation that we were in
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of normal practice going into jacksonville in anything we will be ready to go. stephanie: in nfl preseason today, the vikings opening the brand new us bank stadium today hosting melvin gordon and the chargers. fellow former badger derek watt also plays for san diego gordon didn't score any touchdown during his rookie season in the nfl last year, but the former kenosha bradford star did today. check it out, rushes up the middle for a 39-yard touchdown run. chargers leading the vikings at that, 7-6. brand new us bank stadium sunday, hosting the chargers. teddy bridgewater went 12 of 16 for 161 yards, 1 td. sold out crowd for vikings of 66,143 was the largest at home in franchise history. philip rivers went 5 for 9 with -- the packers play in week two of their season. get your uw gear ready -- we are six days away from the season opener against the lsu tigers at lambeau field. a game you can see right here
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this afternoon at miller park, the brewers trying to avoid a four-game sweep to the pirates. chase anderson on the mound for the crew. getting some help from his teammate in the second inning gregory palonco with a shot to deep right center field but hernan perez makes a great catch up against the wall. let's see that again in slo mo. crowd loving that, and loving this. in the bottom of the third, jonathan villar with a solo shot to deep center field, his 11th home run of the season. and bernie brewer goes down the slide. milwaukee up 1-0. not a bad outing for starter chase anderson. wh of the fourth with the bases loaded. nice strikeout there and then the next batter grounds out to end the inning. but in the top of the sixth andersen serves up a solo shot to john jaso to right field, ties the game at one a piece. two batter, anderson gives up the go ahead run to gregory polanco. and andersen taken out. and the brewers couldn't find a way to come back.
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miller park since 2004. the final today 3-1. here's manager craig counsell on anderson. >> is the kind of decision you have to make every game. they have thrown five solid innings, they pitched well. they are trying to see how much it is being used. i think that's every inning of a baseball game. stephanie: shifting gears to nascar, the sprint cup series at michigan motor speedway. final lap of the race, kyle larson being chased down the st larson hold on to capture the checkered flag and win the pure michigan 400. wisconsin native finishes 13th. only two races left until the chase for the championship. >> hello, world. stephanie: remember those words from tiger woods. 20 years ago today tiger made his pro debut at the greater milwaukee open at brown deer golf course. tonight at 10:00 12 sports director dan needles takes a look back at that day and the
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he went on to win $100 million on the pga tour. adrienne: i was there. i won't say how will i was that i was there with my family. sheldon: wow. lindsey: we may have some fog for the morning commute
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